What Happened On Black Wednesday?

How nothing caused the crypto markets to crash

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On Wednesday, Bitcoin fell from $43,000 to almost $30,000 - a drop of 30% in a single day!

The last time we saw such a significant drop was March 2020; however, this time we have ten times the market capitalization than in 2020.

People were scared!

But what actually happened on Wednesday? Well, two news stories came together that accelerated the crash: Elon & China FUD!

Elon Musk put out several Bitcoin-critic tweets over the last days - people were speculating that Tesla sold all their BTC. Long story short, it was only speculation; Tesla didn’t sell!

What was the China news story about?

China banned cryptocurrency services for institutions in 2013 and 2017. And now, these regulators reiterated their stance on banning crypto services for institutions. Therefore, nothing changed in China. It was just a repetition of the regulation a few years ago. Sadly, the market totally misinterpreted this news story. The markets thought that the regulations were new!

Both the Elon & China FUD lead to the crypto markets taking a deep dive on Wednesday!

Whenever such a flash crash occurs, you should ask yourself: Did anything change?

In this case, nothing really changed. Tesla still owns its BTC and China imposed no new regulations.

The drop might have been totally… irrational!

And it may only be a matter of time until the markets come to realize it.

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Elon FUD

Elon put out a number of Bitcoin-critic tweets during the week. This lead to speculations that Tesla sold their BTC. THe markets took a deep dive on Wednesday.

Rest assured! Tesla has Diamond hands!

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