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Hey DEFI WORLD community!

Have you ever used decentralized social media platforms? For those of you, who have been around in 2017, this is nothing new.

Steemit and co. were hyped during this time. But the movement lost traction.

Luckily we have Uptrennd now. It recently surpassed all other blockchain social media platforms in their user base.

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Uptrennd Becomes the World's Leading Blockchain Social Media Site

Uptrennd becomes the world’s leading blockchain-based social media platform
based on Pages-per-Visit and Time-on-Site metrics.

Today, Uptrennd, a tokenized social media startup, announced it has become the world’s leading blockchain-based social media platform based on Pages-per-Visit and Time-on-Site metrics surpassing other popular [blockchain] social media sites such as SteemIt, Voice, Hive, DLive, Minds, etc. 

The milestone is especially notable for the grassroots project. Uptrennd started with no ICO or initial funding from investors, just a remote team working towards a collective vision. 

Based on Alexa Global Rankings Uptrennd (#19,685) already passed VOICE (#115,447) who started off with a $150M funding from block.one, and will soon surpass the renowned blockchain social media platform Steemit (#18,960), co-created by Dan Larimer who raised $4 billion with EOS. With a fraction of the budget compared to competitors, Uptrennd is expected to organically outgrow and outpace, besides for Pages per Visit and Time-on-Site, also the other metrics for the remaining leading blockchain social media platforms. Demonstrating that even without millions of dollars you can build a platform that rises to the top, distributes wealth fairly, equally provides opportunity across the community and puts the community first.

Uptrennd stood out from its competitors by delivering milestone after milestone at a time when the market saw huge downturns which forced many projects to stop building or stagnate. Uptrennd gave the leading blockchain social media platforms no choice but to make space at the top.

Uptrennd ranks 19,685 (stats: 14th of June 2020) globally on Alexa, surpassing Hive, Voice, Publish0x, Minds, Dlive, Bitcointalk, and will soon pass Steemit. With a platform that is growing by over 18,000+ users per month and increasing monthly, Uptrennd is on pace to reach over 1.5M active members by January 1st 2021, just two years after inception.

UptrenndPast90-day Alexa Statistics – 11th of June 2020:

·   18.57 Minutes Time-on-Site

·   20 Pages-per-Visit

·   22.4% bounce rate

Steemit Past 90-day Alexa Statistics – 11th of June 2020:

·   2.25 mins Time on Site 

·   2 Pages per Visit 

·   62% bounce rate

VOICE  Past 90-day Alexa Statistics – 11th of June 2020:

·   3.02 mins Time on Site

·   3.4 Pages per Visit 

·   25.5% bounce rate

The impressive metrics above show that putting your community first is the secret to Uptrennd’s early success. This is why other platforms today fail to connect with their members and to provide an ecosystem that enables equality, while also fairly distributing wealth. Uptrennd truly believes in the right for Data Privacy and does not sell member data to third party companies. In today's age, content creation as a career is more viable than ever, yet no one has incorporated progression systems to make it accessible, fair, and fun... until now.

“We are on a mission of empowering people around the world
to thrive through their passions”
~ Jeff Kirdeikis - CEO/Founder Uptrennd

What’s To Come?
This is only a fraction of what Uptrennd has achieved so far. Uptrennd is implementing many new features like the “1UP Halving”, “Uptrennd Citizenship” and more. You can click here to see Uptrennd’s founder Jeff Kirdeikis speak about upcoming features. 


Canadian basedUptrennd is a tokenized social media platform that stands on four foundational pillars: Distribution of Wealth, Freedom of Speech, Equality of Opportunity, and Data Privacy. All combined, this brings a new era in Blockchain social media, enabling both content creators and readers to thrive online while earning instantly from their engagement.
Uptrennd’s CEO, Jeff Kirdeikis, is also the founder of CI Network, one of the largest Cryptocurrency networks in the world.

More To Come? So Much More!

  • Mobile app: Development is currently underway for both operating systems with Android already being tested by the team and IOS to follow shortly after.

  • Level Packs: For those who have a busy, fast paced life (Who doesn’t in Crypto) to still be part of something they value and want to be the best it can be a chance to be involved. Now some may say this is not equality of opportunity however this demonstrates that exactly by giving everybody a chance, combined alongside “Citizenship” this gives both those who have time and are willing to put in the work required to gain that sense of achievement as you rise quickly through the levels but this does not give somebody who has a family, full time commitments to rise quickly through the levels as it would be virtually impossible for them to dedicate so much time.

Community Ownership: Being a major milestone for Uptrennd, giving those who own them more control over their community on platform meaning they will be able to fully dedicate their time and efforts without the fear of losing all your hardwork as we have witnessed on Facebook, Youtube plus even now Steemit. (In the pipeline)

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