Top NFT Projects in Cosmos

What are the best NFT projects in Cosmos and how can you use them?

Hey DEFI TIMES community,

NFTs are going mainstream.

It’s the first blockchain app that has ever reached the masses. As the NFT hype continues to exist (I don’t think it will ever end btw), the Cosmos ecosystem is in need of more NFT projects.

NFTs bring more users to your network.

If you don’t have them, you are missing out on a big junk of users. In fact, NFTs are one of the best forms of marketing that have ever existed. Why? NFTs are a cool, creative, and fun way to create a culture on the internet.

Word of mouth is extremely strong with NFTs.

That’s why it’s so important for the Cosmos ecosystem to get exposure to NFTs asap!

But luckily, we already have some cool projects to start with!

Let’s explore them!

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Stargaze - The Digital NFT Marketplace

Stargaze is a super exciting Cosmos SDK-based NFT project. It has its own zone and plans to enable IBC after the launch to connect with the broader Cosmos ecosystem.

Originally, Stargaze wanted to re-imagine social networks. The social network was supposed to be based on token ownership and NFTs. All content would be represented by NFT (Profile avatars, etc.).

In addition, Stargaze wanted to have social tokens, which can be minted using $STARS, the native currency of Stargaze. Social tokens have been extremely popular lately with the rise of several highly active communities, such as Bankless DAO ($BANK) or Friends With Benefits ($FWB).

However, Stargaze decided to pivot their direction. In order for a social network to thrive on Cosmos, the NFT space needed to grow first. That’s why Stargaze is building an NFT marketplace.

This marketplace is focused on generative art and art in general. However, the range of NFTs sold on this marketplace will rapidly expand in the future.

Generative Art includes art pieces that have been created with the use of an autonomous system. That means Stargaze focuses on art, that hasn’t been created by humans, but rather by machines and AI.

Strangeclan - The First NFT Game in Cosmos

Strangeclan is a metaverse-based NFT game and the first NFT game ever created on Cosmos. It is built on Akash, which is a decentralized cloud.

The game includes many different NFTs that represent your character in the NFT game. At first, 10,000 unique characters will be issued to users.

The Strangeclan game will be about a series of towns fleeing a strange infection. In the game, users can discover new characters, classes, and land. Each of them is different within each town. The genesis game will feature two towns. After the launch, all other towns will be discovered in the game!

The next update, which will take place in Q4, will feature in-game Farming. This means that users will farm resources in the 3D world of Strangeclan. Even before Farming is introduced, users will be able to passively earn resources by simply holding their character.

Another cool thing is that Strangeclan will have its own marketplace. On this platform, you will be able to buy and sell in-game items - for example, digital land. Users can own a very limited supply of land NFTs inside Strangeclan - the first 1000 land plots will be even free! Just like the towns, all future land NFTs will be discovered in the game as time goes on!

Strangeclan is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

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Cøsmverse - The NFT Marketplace on Juno

Cøsmverse is another interesting NFT project building on Cosmos - specifically the Juno Blockchain. Juno is a fully interoperable smart contract network built with the Cosmos SDK.

Because Cøsmverse is building on Juno, it doesn’t have its own chain, which makes it different from other Cosmos-based NFT projects like Stargaze.

On Cøsmverse, you can buy, sell, mint, and explore any nonfungible token on Cosmos. The marketplace looks like this:

The marketplace is definitely in its early stages. Other (established) marketplaces like Opensea are way more complex and extensive. Cøsmverse currently has one page and very few categories.

The Future of NFTs on Cosmos

Cosmos seems ready for NFTs. While the Cosmos ecosystem is still small, we now have the first three NFT projects trying to push this space further.

The biggest returns of this exciting new NFT niche are yet to be seen. We already saw what is possible on Ethereum - so why not repeat it once again?

It might be interesting to see whether niche ecosystems like Cosmos can compete with Ethereum in the long run. Can Cosmos build cooler NFTs than Ethereum? There might be some reason good reasons why this could be the case.

However, Ethereum still has an insane network effect going, which is hard to beat. In the end, it might be reasonable to stick with Cosmos’ original vision, which is: “We all grow together.”

That’s why I can’t wait to see all ecosystems grow together and leverage each other’s network effects by using interoperability protocols such as IBC.

By connecting Ethereum with Cosmos we can do exactly that! PS: Gravity Bridge will launch soon!

Let’s see what happens next!

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