There Will Be a DAO For Everyone

How DAOs can prevent unemployment in the age of Artificial Intelligence

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Have you ever thought about what happens when AI progresses over time? Well, there are many theories out there about the consequences of superintelligent AI.

Pretty much all AI experts agree on the single fact that AI will cause mass unemployment. First, repetitive jobs will become obsolete - we already see that today!

At the end (but much later), AI will also destroy creative jobs. When we reach this stage, we’ll definitely see mass unemployment as we have never seen before.

The questions are:

  • What will we do?

  • Will we just sit at home and do nothing?

  • How will we pay for our living expenses?

The most common solution is a concept called “Universal Basic Income!”

UBI basically says that every citizen should receive a monthly passive income that covers their living expenses. Even if they didn’t have a job, they should be able to survive.

However, there are many problems with UBI that need to be solved first:

  • Who pays for it?

  • Do we need to print money or increase the tax rate?

UBI certainly has some trade-offs that we need to consider.

Luckily, crypto has come up with the ultimate solution to this problem… and we are building it right now!

The answer is: 

DAOs - Digital Autonomous Organizations

It turns out that they solve one of the biggest problems humanity has ever faced!

Let’s find out how it works!

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There Will Be a DAO For Everyone

What are DAOs and How Do They Work?

DAOs are so-called “Digital Autonomous Organizations.” DAOs are completely community-owned without centralized leadership. You can imagine it like a company - however, its structure is completely bottom-up in nature. There is no single entity that decides about any decision - Decision-making is bottom-up.

In DAOs, many people from different backgrounds work together on tough problems. And the best thing: These people don’t even have to know or trust each other because DAO members are incentivized to bring value to the community. DAOs have built-in treasuries that reward contributions by their members. Every single decision is made by community proposals and voting to ensure everyone has something to say.

There are no employment contracts or obligations. DAOs are completely opt-in; you can join or leave a DAO at any given time!

How can DAOs solve the Unemployment Problem?

DAOs are permissionless. Anybody can join at any time; and if the person gives value to the community or project, they will get paid. DAOs allow people to work without a job offer or contract.

Don’t ask for it! Look for a DAO you resonate with and start giving value!

There is no job application or extreme selection processes. The DAO pays for value and value only!

But how exactly does that work? Where do these funds come from?

DAOs have so-called treasuries, which are large pools of money - mostly held in the DAO’s own token. These treasuries can be used for anything: buying assets, goods, and services.

That’s why people are incentivized to work for the DAO: To get paid in the DAO’s native token. But why would people even want that token?

David Hoffman gives a great example in his recent piece: The Future of Work:

The token represents the reservoir to which DO community members can deposit their time and labor into. Members of the DO inherently want the DO’s token; if they don’t want the token, then they probably wouldn’t be in the DO’s Discord server. The desire to own a larger share of the DO is what injects labor into the DO, and helps make it become a valuable thing to own in the first place.

People want the DAO’s native token - otherwise, they wouldn’t join the DAO in the first place.

DAOs are the foundation of the future of work. In times where AI will replace more and more jobs, humans will find work and fulfillment in DAOs.

But what does that look like in practice? Let’s explore some futuristic examples of what this new world could look like!

Looking Into the Future

There will be a DAO for everyone! DAOs are just communities of people that try to reach a collective goal while rewarding those adding value. The goal can literally be anything: ranging from investing money, selling real-world stuff, or simply doing charity work.

Literally, any organization can be restructured to become a DAO: It doesn’t matter whether the organization is a company or a non-profit organization. The DAO fulfills the purpose originally stated by its founding members.

In a world where more and more jobs are threatened by AI, DAOs are the shelter to save humanity.

Lost your job? No worries, join a DAO!

The only thing you have to do is to add value. There are more than enough DAOs to choose from.

  • Are you good at writing and interested in crypto? Go join a crypto-focused DAO and write for their newsletter.

  • Are you interested in art? Great, then go create the best art for an artwork-DAO.

Everybody has some talents to show. DAOs are creating a world where people actually do stuff that they want to do instead of what they are supposed to do.

Of course, in this world, people still have to work to make a living. In the future, we won’t rely on UBI to pay for people's lives. Just as today, DAOs pay people according to how much value they add to society.

DAOs can turn out to be the capitalistic alternative to UBI. 

There will be a DAO for everyone!

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