The Calm Before the Storm - CRYPTO FRIDAY

Hey DEFI TIMES community,

Prices have been flat recently - many newcomers are worried about whether we could have reached this cycle’s top. Prices are simply not catching up with the momentum we have seen in February.

The best way to analyze the market sentiment in crypto is the Fear & Greed Index. To be honest, we are still in the “Greed” phase; however, the current market sentiment feels a lot different from the February sentiment. Even though the Fear & Greed index is sitting comfortably at 70-levels (Greed), we are far away from the extreme greedy areas we have seen in February.   

I see this as a healthy sign: The market needs those setbacks and consolidation phases. Too many people were in profit - life-changing money will always find its way out at some point. 

Boring times like these are a great time to sit back and observe your feelings. If you catch yourself being worried, zoom out and try to see the bigger picture.

In bull markets, you buy the dip and hodl when markets are boring. The bull market is far from over. 

Our very own Dot-Com-like bubble is just starting. It’s the calm before the storm.

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