Singapore adds Binance to "Investor Alert List"

Singapore's financial authority adds Binance to its "Investor Alert List" because the exchange doesn’t have a license

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Binance is facing heavy regulatory uncertainty around the world and it doesn’t seem to stop.

For example, Japan and Malaysia have warned that Binance is operating in their countries without a license. Also, the UK, Italy, and Netherlands’ authorities have expressed similar concerns.

The latest news broke yesterday and it comes from one of the crypto-friendliest countries in the world: Singapore!

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has added Binance to its Investor Alert List. The Investor Alert List writes down unregulated institutions which have been initially perceived as being licensed/regulated.

Apparently, Binance is not yet licensed in Singapore. While this move won’t impact any services provided by Binance, it shows once again that Binance is in trouble right now.

Singapore is just the tip of the iceberg here!

Binance HAS TO comply with regulations all around the world... otherwise, their core business could go down very quickly!

CZ understands this very well! Just a few days ago, Binance introduces mandatory KYC for all services.

This is a bold move and I could imagine that Binance will lose many customers after this decision!

Centralized crypto companies will be in big trouble soon. It’s the same discussion all over again: Centralization vs. Decentralization. 

In the end, centralized crypto companies will have to comply with everything regulators demand.

The only organizations that are immune to regulations are truly decentralized protocols!

Regulation is the ultimate test of how decentralized a project really is.

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Arbitrum launches mainnet

After the recent Optimistm launch, the Arbitrum mainnet has also opened for end-users! A big step towards L2 mass adoption!

Check out the TVL after the announcement:

Projects launching on Arbitrum

After Arbitrum opened its mainnet for end-users, we had a number of projects announcing their deployments.

Kavaswap launch

Kava has launched KavaSwap, which is a cross-chain AMM protocol.

Celer Network <> Optimism

Twitter avatar for @CelerNetworkCelerNetwork @CelerNetwork
🙌Frens, meet @optimismPBC! The layer-2 rollup you have been asking for is now connected to with FAST L1 withdrawal and cross-L2 transfer support. 📅 No more 7-day wait ⏱️Enjoy 3-minute instant transfer 💵 No more high fee 🥳 Enjoy 20X lower cost L2-L2

Celer cBridge has connected to Optimism, another popular L2 solution using optimistic rollups.

CREAM Finance exploited

CREAM Finance has been exploited! Over $29 million dollars have been removed from the liquidity pools.

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