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Why Q2 was one of the best quarters crypto has ever experienced - despite the price decline

Hey DEFI TIMES community,

Q2 has been a crazy quarter. We’ve seen everything from insane price pumps, market crashes, to meme coin hypes.

However, despite the recent price crash, Q2 was one of the best quarters crypto has ever experienced. Why? Ryan Selkis describes this in his recent Twitter thread.

Q2 had amazing milestones we never imagined to happen during the past years:

  • Coinbase IPO

  • Wall Street entering crypto

  • Institutions showing real interest

Of course, there were also pretty negative events in Q2 - as the China FUD. Or was it really negative?

Well, China banning Bitcoin has been a long-awaited event. We have been expecting it for years. China’s uncertainty has been a continuous source of FUD, which has been completely eliminated - for now!

In fact, miners leaving China have also increased the overall environmental friendliness of Bitcoin mining - some of the dirtiest mining was happening in China.

Q2 was one of the best months in crypto’s history so far.

It’s only up from here?

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