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The Problem

Have you ever thought about why crypto isn't being adopted in retail stores? There might be many reasons for this that come together. The first and most significant reason is that crypto prices are too volatile for most people. They instead see cryptocurrencies as a speculative investment than a useful tool in their everyday lives. This is why they prefer to pay with cash and debit or credit card.

The second reason is that most shops are not accepting cryptocurrencies at all. So even if you would like to pay with ETH, you won't have the chance to do so in the first place.

Additionally, the crypto space is still a small niche, and the more significant part of our population isn't even aware of how big it could become one day. They don't even think about adopting it, trying new things, and questioning the status quo.

These are the main problems with crypto adoption. How do we solve them? Quick answer: infrastructure inversion. We need to build on the old infrastructure to achieve mass adoption. 

Monolith is a great example of infrastructure inversion. In this article, we will explain to you how Monolith solves the problem of crypto adoption in the short and long term.

Let's dive into it!

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How Monolith works

Monolith builds on the old infrastructure to connect traditional money with our new crypto money. There are many features inside the Monolith app, but today we would like to focus on their crypto debit card.

The Monolith debit card is a tool to spend your crypto money in the real world. You can download the Monolith app and order your own crypto debit card. We did it already, and it arrived within seven days!

So how can you spend your crypto money with this card now? Inside the Monolith app, you can top up your card with almost any cryptocurrency you like. It doesn't matter if it's ETH, BTC, KNC, UNI, YFI, DAI, and so on. 

When you top up your Monolith card, your crypto gets sold for FIAT currency. After that, you can use your Monolith card to buy anything you want. Because it is a VISA debit card, it is accepted in almost any place/shop in the world. Pretty easy, right?

When you top up our crypto card, you automatically pay a 1% fee, a community contribution. The cost is paid out to TKN holder, the native coin of the Monolith network. As a TKN holder, you profit from the platform's actual usage, just like a stock dividend. 

The Monolith card doesn't cost anything in advance, so you only pay when you top up your card or when you withdraw money from an ATH. 

Using crypto cards is how crypto scales. We now have an easy way to build on our old infrastructure and incentivize people to use the new infrastructure. The more Monolith is used, the more TKN holders earn. 

We believe that Monolith will become increasingly important during the next bull cycle. It will be one of the reasons why crypto can become mainstream within the next few years. 

Usage of the platform

To this day, Monolith has continuously grown through 2020. It has even become a trend to post your freshly arrived Monolith card on Twitter because it's a comfortable user experience. Here are several tweets from people posting their new Monolith card.


As explained above, TKN token holders profit from the usage of the Monolith platform. Every time a user tops up his/her crypto card, a 1% fee is charged and distributed to the token holders. 

This concept ensures that TKN token holders have skin in the Monolith game and are incentivized to spread the word and grow Monolith.

All in all, the token price of TKN should, therefore, be correlated with the number of Monolith users. So if you believe in the future of crypto cards, you should keep an eye on TKN and Monolith.


Monolith solves one of the most underrated problems in the crypto space: actual user adoption. Monolith has the potential to be one of the reasons why crypto ultimately succeeds in the long and short run. The user experience of the Monolith card is really cool. If you have ever ordered one, you know what we are talking about.

Whether or not TKN is a good investment ultimately comes down to how well the Monolith platform performs and how many users it manages to amass.

Therefore, the prices of TKN is exceptionally correlated with the number of Monolith users. So base your TKN investment decisions on how you see the Monolith platform's growth in the future.

To conclude, Monolith is a valuable part of the DeFi ecosystem, and we at DEFI WORLD are excited to see the platform grow.

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