Inflation Is Here to Stay

Consumer Price Index (CPI) hits historic levels - who would have expected this?

Hey DEFI TIMES community,

The news broke on Tuesday: The Consumer Price Index (CPI) has hit incredible highs in June. In fact, the CPI hit 5.4% last month, which is the highest we have seen in 13 years - a historic month!

Surprise, surprise! 

Who would have expected this?

In June, Jerome Powell claimed that the inflationary spike is only “transitory.” Of course, many people started criticizing him. In the end, inflation wasn’t transitory; it’s here to stay!

Even Larry Fink came out on Tuesday and expressed his concerns:

Fink believes that inflation is here to stay and it's a fundamental part of our future monetary policy.

And I do agree with him here!

But why would Powell dismiss the threat of inflation? Well, Powell has to say that inflation is not a problem - even if he doesn’t believe so! If Powell said that inflation wouldn’t go down, inflation expectations would rise, which in turn would increase the actual inflation even more!

Inflation is here to stay in times when trillions of dollars are printed to “save the economy.”

You don’t have to be a genius to realize this simple fact!

Don’t be fooled!

That’s why we are in crypto right?

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