Fear & Greed - CRYPTO FRIDAY

Hey DEFI TIMES community,

Markets are consolidating - pretty heavily. Especially most newcomers, who have entered the industry in February, are losing their faith. Why is that so?

As so often, let’s take a look at the Fear & Greed Index. We are sitting at a very healthy level of 60. While we are still in the greed phase, we are nowhere near the extreme greed levels we saw in February.

Source: Fear & Greed Index (https://alternative.me/crypto/fear-and-greed-index/)

In my opinion, this was the best scenario that could have played out. Why? Because the more we correct, the longer the bull market will last - and the healthier the next price increase will be. 

The more weak hands are shaken out, the more people take profits on their gains - And the more people are fearful, the more bullish I get.

Smart money is buying, dumb money is leaving. Now is the time to prepare for the next leg up - Be greedy when everyone is fearful, and be fearful when everyone else is greedy.

It’s the ultimate sign that this bull market is far from over.

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Uniswap v3

The day has finally come: The Uniswap v3 details have been announced. The mainnet will go live on May 5, which includes:

  • concentrated liquidity: allowing LPs to provide liquidity only in a certain price range. Sound like an order book? Well, it kind of is!

  • flexible fees: liquidity providers choose between 0.05%, 0.30%, and 1.00%

  • capital efficiency: up to 4000x more capital efficient than Uniswap v2

  • Optimism integration: As expected, Uniswap v3 will launch an Optimism integration soon after their mainnet launch

  • low to no price slippage

  • custom price curves

  • advanced oracles

  • code will be published under a license, not allowing forks for two years

Alpha tokenomics

Alpha has revealed their new tokenomics - a new staging design wallowing users to earn fees and unlock features inside the protocol.

Curve swaps

Andre Cronje has revealed Crv.to. Users can make use of Curve finance pools, and access their own pools.

pTokens on BSC

pTokens are now available on BSC.

Barnbridge Smart Yield

Barnbridge’s tranched yield product is finally live.

Rari lending

Rari Capital launches Fuse. Community members cam create isolated lending pools, instead of utilizing one big pool.

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