Hey DEFI WORLD community!

How are you all doing on this fantastic Friday? I'm sure you are all having a blast! Crypto prices are mooning, the election process is almost over (or maybe not), and we have the most prominent event coming up since the Bitcoin halving (or perhaps even more significant). Of course, there is one big elephant in the room: ETH 2.0 is coming up, and it is going to launch in early December. How awesome is that? 

The ETH community has been waiting for this announcement for years now, and finally, we have a date. So many people have been declaring ETH 2.0 to be dead.

"ETH 2.0 will never ship."

"ETH 2.0 is always one month away."

Do you know people who say things like that? I'm sure you do! But now it is here, and all those naw-sayers are gone. By the way, the announcement of ETH 2.0 was the catalyst for another Bitcoin pump to almost $15,000!

I hope you are all enjoying this fantastic ride so far! Stay tuned for this week's most important news.

See you all on Sunday for the next episode of SUNDAY THOUGHTS.

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ETH 2.0 will go live in December

On December 1st, ETH 2.0 will ship. This is the news we have all been waiting for years now. There are almost 40,000 ETH staked already in the deposit contract. As of today, you can deposit your ETH (minimum 32 ETH) to the official deposit-contact to save your slot as one of the first validators. Be aware that you must use a function to call the contract, so please follow the steps on

Biden's winning chances are high

Biden will most likely win the US election. Historically, we have seen stock prices dump after a Democrat has been elected, but this time is different. It instead seems as the markets highly appreciate the certainty of any kind, whether Biden or Trump. The confidence of almost having a clear winner and the news of ETH 2.0 sent Bitcoin and ETH to the moon.

UMA launches developer mining

Inspired by liquidity mining's success, the UMA protocol now offers its users to participate in developer mining. This works in the following way: every week, 50,000 UMA will be given out to developers who contribute to the UMA protocol's success. This is remarkably similar to liquidity mining, where you get rewarded for providing liquidity.

MetaMask swaps are live

As of this week, you can swap tokens directly in your MetaMask wallet using the Brave and Chrome browser. MetaMask swap supports Uniswap, totle, paraswap, 1inch, and more.

That's it for the news. We hope you enjoyed this week as much as we did. Crypto is on fire again, and the bull market is back! Keep the momentum going! 

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