Carl Icahn Considers Getting Into Crypto "In a Big Way"

Billionaires slowly start to recognize the value of crypto

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Carl Icahn is one of the best-known investors in New York City. With a net worth of more than $15 billion, many people look up to him.

On Wednesday he shared his opinion on cryptocurrencies with Bloomberg. He basically said the cryptocurrencies are not going away. While he’s not sure, which ones will succeed, the asset class is here to stay:

Much of the cryptocurrency issued today will not survive, but we believe cryptocurrency in one form or another might be here to stay. To be clear, we have never bought any cryptocurrency, but we are studying it.

He then continued to say that he might get into crypto “in a big way.”

Apparently, he’s considering putting more than $1 billion into some alternative cryptocurrency.

Carl Icahn is surely one of the most renowned investors in the world. When it comes to his investment decisions, he definitely has a great influence on other inventors who closely monitor his moves.

This could lead to many institutional investors also feeling the need to allocate some funds to cryptocurrencies. There are lots of other Wall Street legends who already came before Icahn, including Paul Tudor Jones and Bill Miller. 

But Carl Icahn has a very special status among Wall Street investors. It’s very hard to estimate how much of an impact his opinion on crypto will make; however, at this point, it’s almost impossible to ignore that Bitcoin is being more and more recognized by Wall Street. 

In retrospect… it was inevitable!

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