Bitcoin Hit a New ATH! - CRYPTO FRIDAY

The moment we have all been waiting for finally arrived!

Hey DEFI TIMES community,

The moment we all have been waiting for finally arrived. We went together through this extended bear market. We survived the bloody year 2018; we lived through the 2019-fake-pump and, most importantly, the March liquidity crisis. 

It was such a rough time; most of you lost considerable amounts of money along the way. But you remained here. Today, I would like to congratulate you. You stayed strong. You resisted the pain. And in the end, you were one of the few winners. 

On Wednesday, Bitcoin hit a new all-time high. Not only that, it smashed through $20,000 like it was nothing. 

All the blood and suffering is gone, and we are on the brink of another parabolic bull market. Remember that we will only see extreme emotions during the ride—excessive greed and fear. As quickly as we see $23k with Bitcoin, we can see $16k on the day after. 

But this is not a warning. Times can be challenging; Today, they are not. Today is a good day.

Enjoy the pumped Christmas days with your loved ones, and don't look at your portfolio too often. 

2020 has been challenging for most people on earth, but not for you.

You are in crypto.

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CME ETH futures

The CME Group announced that they would list an Ethereum futures product next year. ETH futures are not months but rather weeks away because the product will be shipped by February 8. This news is as bullish as it can get. 

AAVE, SNX, and BNT listed on Coinbase

Coinbase listed more DeFi blue chips, specifically AAVE (Aave), SNX (Synthetix), and BNT (Bancor). Coinbase is one of the most user-friendly crypto exchanges. Most newcomers are onboarded through Coinbase. Coinbase just lowered the bar for crypto newbies to enter DeFi. If you are not long on DeFi at the moment, I don't know what you are doing.

Melon rebrands to Enzyme

Melon is a protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that lets users create and manage their own funds. It aims to disrupt the whole fund's industry, a regulatory pain in the ass (sorry for swearing, but it's true). Melon announced their rebranding to "Enzyme". Help them spread the word; the process of rebranding can be tough.

OctoFi V2

OctoFi's new V2 is launching soon. The new coming features include:

  • Token set integration

  • NFT trading

  • Compound/Aave integration

  • trading fee sharing

Real Madrid joins Sorare

This is the biggest news for Sorare so far. After their recent Bayern Munich partnership, they announced another banger: Real Madrid joins Sorare! The first edition of the Real Madrid cards is now available for auction. We are looking forward to trading Sergio Ramos, Luca Modric, and many more on the blockchain. What about you?

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